Our Legacy

Our Legacy consists of making new friends, having good times, and progressing through content together into unknown territory!

Our Story

One night in the verdant forest of the Faydark, three bards rendezvoused to regale each other with song and story. The first bard sang a psalm of progression that inspired the hearts of the others. The second, a verse of victory to ignite the flames triumph. The third and final bard chanted a carol of comradery that united the group.

Then a shaman showed up with some bottled spirits.

It was then, a ragtag band of adventurers on the values of friendship, progression and trust formed the Unknown Legacy.

Meet the Team

Bard One

Founder & CEO

Enjoys long walks on the beach.

Bard Two

Vice President

and a Shammy

Vice President

Enjoys sitting under trees and sleeping.

Bard Three


Enjoys making fun of the other two bards.

Next Steps...

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