Welcome to Unknown Legacy

This post includes everything you need to get started as a contributing and active member of Unknown Legacy.

Member Code of Conduct

  1. When one becomes a Member, it shall be presumed that one has read this document and agrees to abide by the prescripts contained herein. Ignorance of these prescripts is not a valid defense for their violation. A Member shall understand that he or she shall be subject to discipline for any breach of this code. This discipline may include demotion, probation, DKP loss, guild removal, or any other sanctions determined to be appropriate by the leadership of the guild.
  2. Member shall avoid ‘drama’ at nearly all costs and shall remember that the behavior of the individual reflects upon the reputation of the guild, for better or worse.
  3. A Member shall abide by all rules set forth by Daybreak Game Company and shall treat all game masters, guides, and other representatives of Daybreak Game Company with the utmost respect.
  4. A Member shall always be honest, fair, and considerate when dealing with others and shall not engage in trolling, training, kill-stealing, ninja-looting, camp-stealing, trade-scamming, or other such reprehensible behaviors.
  5. A Member shall declare a main character upon joining the guild. Members are encouraged to support the guild by attending raids when able to do so. A Member shall attend raids on his or her main character unless asked to bring an alternate character by the leadership of the guild.
  6. We welcome alts and boxes to our raids but mains always supersede them. If room in the raid allows for alts or boxes you may bring them if you are capable of performing your main character to the best of your abilities while doing so.
  7. A Member shall consult the leadership of the guild if he or she wishes to declare a new main character.
  8. A Member shall note the current Message of the Day when logging into the game and shall be active on Discord. The events calendar can also be used to see what the raiding schedule will be.
  9. A Member shall download the Discord client and shall set their Discord name to match the name of his or her main character. A Member must be able to hear Discord during raids but is not required to speak.
  10. When posting your application to the Unknown Legacy, you should write “Blue” for the question “Have you read the Guild Charter?”

Unknown Legacy Raiding Magna Carta General

  • Always keep /role on when raiding with us. You can take it off outside of raids if you want, just remember to put it back. We would prefer you not hide your guild tag with /anon. [6/28/18] /role is no longer enforced.  This may change if we decide to pursue more open world targets.
  • DO NOT burn any expeditions from the current expansion unless you get prior approval from an Officer. If you cannot attend a raid due to already having a lockout, you will not be able to earn DKP while you wait for us to finish it (current lockouts).
  • Test your mic so that it’s not constantly keyed or keys when others are talking before joining the Raid channel on Discord. If you need assistance with this, please ask an officer or the guild or a technically inclined friend/comrade.
  • Get in the habit of sending tells for buffs during the raid. Your buffs are your responsibility!
  • When responding to a question in Discord, such as “Who still needs a res?”, actually say your name. Following this example, it’d be “Tacobelle needs a res.” instead of saying “I need a res.” Who is “I” when there are multiple groups of people in Discord?
  • During a raid, it’s possible you may bite the dust. Whether you’re scouting or eat a Death Touch, we’ll make every effort to res if you go down but bring an EXP buffer on your own accord.
  • At times you may find yourself on the waitlist during a raid. If that is the case, watch for someone to call for the waitlist members to check in. You will then send a tell to that person with the word “waitlist” only. You will receive DKP for that dump. You might want to make an audio trigger, so you don’t miss the calls. While on the waitlist, be prepared to get to the raid if called upon. If you are unable to join the raid when called upon you forfeit DKP for the last dump.

Raid Behavior

  • Be courteous! Try to stay attentive and at your keyboard as much as possible, multiple groups of other people are relying on you to do the same.
  • As one! Only move when/where you’re directed; coordination on where we’re at and mobs location is key.
  • We’re all working towards loot together – there will be nights when you don’t get anything or don’t even visit a Plane that drops armor you need. Get used to it; we’re gearing as a Guild together so no need to be a sad panda if you don’t get anything.
  • Going afk for real life is perfectly fine, things happen. However, going afk WITHOUT letting anybody know is a huge bane to Raid efficiency. Leaders are constantly trying to move to the next thing and can’t prepare the rest of the raid for the next target without knowing the raid force is ready. If you need to go AFK, simply /follow your group leader, let them and let the raid know.

Leadership and Guild Structure

  1. Guild Leader (Vycen)
  2. Senior Officer
  3. Officer
  4. Class Leader
  5. Member
  6. Recruit

Senior Officers are Officers that have co-founded, dramatically shaped, or otherwise proven their commitment to the guild with seniority.

Officers consist of the Unknown Legacy Leadership Team. They include our raid leaders, recruitment managers, logistics and public relations specialists that keep our guild running and maintain our culture.

Class Leaders are chosen by the leadership team to assist with functions specific to their class or archetype. These duties may include but are not limited to Complete Heal rotation, tank order, raid consumables management, etc.

Members are fully privileged participants in Unknown Legacy.

Recruits are newly invited applicants pending member status.

DKP System

Unknown Legacy utilizes an Open Bid DKP system. The DKP database can be found here: https://unknownlegacy.org/dkp

Earning Points

  •  At the start and end of each raid will award 1 point.
  • At the top of each hour between the first and last hour entries will award 2 points each.
  •  There will be a first kill bonus applied when we get a first kill on some bosses at leaderships discretion.
  •  There may be points awarded for sticking around passed our raid time to get an objective completed. This is at leadership’s discretion and should NOT be assumed.
  •  Points earned during the current raid cannot be used until the following raid.

Spending Points

All items have a minimum required bid of 4(four) points. (As of 8/1/2018, minimum bid will be 1[one] point). If an item does not get a bid it rots. A player with 0 or less dkp may go negative but may only bid 1 point.

When an item drops bids are taken and highest bidder wins. An officer will open bids on a per item basis. Please make sure to look out for the item you’re interested in Raid Say and listen up in Discord. To submit a bid on an item you, send your bid to /rsay.

/rsay 34

If you want to get any “rot” gear for your alt, you will need to send a bid in for it using the following format:

/rsay 12 ALT

ALT bids CANNOT win over a MAIN or RECRUIT, and if there are more than one ALTs bidding for an item the bidding process continues as normal.

DKP Exclusions

Minor items including but not limited to visible Class-Armor in Plane of Hate/Fear, Class-specific Sky Belts, Statless weapons from planes, etc will be rolled ‘Need’ for mains ‘Greed’ for alts/boxes/recruits. These items will not charge the raider DKP and live outside the DKP system. Items will be classified as such by leadership’s discretion and once classified as such cannot be unclassified.

  • Epic items are distributed with the following priority: Member Status > Progress > 30 Day attendance > Roll off.
  • Members are required to post their Epic Progression on their class epic progression forum post to be considered for progress

Changing your main

  • Main changes will incur a penalty reducing you to half the current average DKP of the class you are changing to.
  • If the Guild Leadership asks you to change your main, you may not be penalized. This is a case-by-case basis. Occasionally the Guild Leadership may create a ‘campaign’ for a class that is under-represented. In this instance, you may earn DKP while leveling that class during raid hours or may not be penalized for switching mains if its accepted.

DKP Adjustments

Each expansion will have an across the board DKP reduction. Each person will be reduced 50% at the start of a new expansion. This number may vary per expansion but will be posted approx. two weeks prior to the release of the next expansion. This is to prevent point bloat while still maintaining some semblance of a hierarchy for those that have put in the time. Adjustments may be made to raiders taking an extended AFK during raid on the discretion of Leadership. The Guild Leadership reserves the right to adjust any rules to preserve the integrity of the DKP system or the Guild. Things will come up and if it doesn’t fit into the overall purpose of the DKP system changes will be made. DKP is meant to reward people in as fair way as possible but no system will be perfect. All changes shall be transparent and communicated by Leadership.

DKP Errors

While leadership does everything in their power to ensure accurate attendance and DKP is recorded; mistakes can happen. Members are responsible for the accuracy of their DKP. Members should contact leadership to resolve any DKP errors and should do so no later than 2 weeks from when the error occurred.